Presbyterians of the Past


William Neill, 1778-1860

I begin to note down and arrange some recollections of my past life, for the gratification of my children and other friends when I am gone; and also, for the purpose of celebrating the goodness of Divine Providence...

Exodus Old & New,
L. Michael Morales

The book of Exodus is full of vivid supernatural occurrences from the burning bush in chapter three to the presence of the cloud and fire above the tabernacle testifying to the Lord’s presence as the book concludes. It...

Incarnation of Christ,
William S. Plumer

The following text is a chapter titled, “The Incarnation of Christ,” transcribed from William S. Plumer’s The Rock of Our Salvation: A Treatise Respecting the Natures, Person, Offices, Work, Sufferings, and Glory of...

Pilgrims & Plymouth:
400 Years Later

On September 16, 1620, the crew of the Mayflower weighed anchor to leave Plymouth, England. The Pilgrims gathered on board were anticipating a new homeland, better economic opportunities, and freedom to follow God’s...