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Since Presbyterians of the Past came online nearly ten years ago, a number of posts have been book reviews. There is a category button for reviews on the toolbar, but I thought I would draw attention to them for the current post for readers looking for another book to buy for increasing their to-read stack.  My reviews are more like book notices than critical reviews and I have a reason for this. When I read a review I want to know what the book is about and how the author approaches the subject. Is the text pleasing to read? Is there a bibliography (I often read a bibliography before I read the text, but this is getting harder to do because bibliographies are not included)? Is there an outline or organization that makes sense? Some of the reviews on this site are just a few sentences but others are more extensive. Since the reviews were written two writers that I know of, James E. McGoldrick and David B. Calhoun, have passed away; both were knowledgeable teachers and writers of church history as well as dedicated churchmen. Some post titles include more than one book.

The authors of the reviews are listed with the most recent first: Jack Whytock, G. F. Main, Jonathan H. Poston, A. Craig Troxel, J. Gresham Machen, Benjamin L. Gladd, Jonathan Master, Davis Young, Vern Poythress, Michael A. G. Haykin, D. G. Hart, Guy Prentiss Waters, O. Palmer Robertson, Richard B. Gaffin, Jr., Linda Finlayson, Thomas Witherow, Danny E. Olinger, Theodor Fliedner (as assessed by J. W. Alexander), David K. Myers, Sandy Finlayson, Michael Morales, Georg Rietschel (as reviewed by B. B. Warfield), Alec Motyer, Neil Postman, David Wells, Bradley J. Gundlach, W. Robert Godfrey, Samuel Miller, Derek Kidner, C. W. Grafton, Chad Van Dixhoorn, James E. McGoldrick, John Wilkinson, Carl R. Trueman, Martin Greschat, Diane Olinger and Patricia Clawson (co-authors), Scott M. Manetsch, Susan Brigden, Terry L. Johnson, Laura Ingalls Wilder (ed. by Pamela Smith Hill), C. N. Willborn and Caleb Cangelosi (co-editors), Andrew Hoffecker, David B. Calhoun, Kim Riddlebarger, Dennis Bills, James Moore Brown, Barry Hankins,  Peter A. Lillback, Peter E. Gilmore, Francis J. Grimké, William B. Sweetser, Jr., Stephen J. Nichols, Theodore Beza, J. H. Merle D’Aubigné (sadly neglected, in my opinion, see his biography on this site, “J. H. Merle D’Aubigné, 1794-1872” ), and Jean-François Gilmont (via Karin Maag’s translation).

To access the listing of reviews:


The reviews can also be accessed via the “Reviews” button under the “Categories” button on the toolbar.

Notes–The header is, “Harewood House Old Library Leeds UK”, as from Wikimedia-Commons-12-2-2022.jpg. The spiral staircase is in the Old Library of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

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