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John Witherspoon, Lecture Life and Works

Before reading this post, it is suggested that “Philadelphia Centennial, 1876, Presbyterians,” be read for background information. It had been a long and bumpy road to the Witherspoon statue...

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Philadelphia Centennial, 1876, Presbyterians

The International Exhibition of Arts, Manufactures and Products of the Soil and Mine was held in 1876 to commemorate American independence one hundred years earlier. Fortunately, it has come to be known more briefly as...

Alexander Waugh, 1754-1827

Alexander was the last child born to Thomas and Margaret (Johnstone) Waugh in their modest but comfortable home located about thirty-five miles southeast of Edinburgh in East Gordon, Berwickshire. The wee one entered a...

George D. Armstrong, 1813-1899

Epidemics resulting from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes cause people to be fearful. One of the most fearsome of these diseases is yellow fever, also called Yellow Jack, which was transmitted by mosquitoes when they...

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