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Richmond Theater Fire, 1811

Catastrophes redirect people from the temporal to the eternal. After 911, many confused, disconsolate, and mourning individuals that formerly had little thought of God went to churches seeking answers to their...

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John Rodgers, 1727-1811

John was born in Boston on August 5, 1727, to Thomas and Elizabeth Baxter Rodgers. Within a few months, the family including two sons and six daughters moved to Philadelphia. When he was about twelve years of age, John...

Andrew D. Mitchell, 1824-1882

Andrew Dinsmore Mitchell was born to David and Martha (Dinsmore) Mitchell in York County, Pennsylvania, February 2, 1824. His education was accomplished in Slate Ridge mostly through the teaching of Rev. A. P. Happer...

Michael D. Kalopothakes, 1825-1911

Michael Demetrius Kalopothakes was born in Aeropolis, Laconia, Greece, December 17, 1825. At the time of his birth the Greeks were involved in a revolution for independence from the Ottomans who had ruled them since the...

Augustus W. Loomis, 1816–1891

Included in the writings of A. W. Loomis are some shorter works directed to readers including not only the nonbeliever but also Christians seeking instruction. One title is The Profits of Godliness, 1859, which is a...

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The post of September 21, 2019 about Michael D. Kalopothakes is a revision of an earlier version. A reader of Presbyterians of the Past--see notes at the end of the biography--provided information that was used to correct some errors in the original. Readers are encouraged to communicate temperately with the site author via the form on the "About" page if more accurate information and sources are known. [posted 9/23/2019]

Dr. O. Palmer and Joanna Robertson have built a website titled Consummation Ministries. It includes a bibliography of Palmer's works, sermons, and other resources including a blog and an interview with the Robertsons. It is attractively presented and easy to navigate. I noticed while page hopping that he has some material on the covenants for children. The Robertsons spent a number of years teaching in Bible colleges in Africa. [posted 7/17/2019]

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