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The purpose of Presbyterians of the Past is to provide articles, biographies, snippets of information, digital publications, extended writings, and some curiosities from church history to facilitate study of those who have gone before and their contributions to the Presbyterian and Reformed churches. It is hoped that these resources will raise the interest of students in school, college, and graduate studies along with their professors, as well as history buffs and genealogists, to follow up on issues of interest with their own research and writing.


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Copyright and Use

The resources provided on Presbyterians of the Past are for educational purposes and readers are encouraged to use the materials to teach others about the history, lives, publications, subjects, and teaching of those who have gone before. The materials may be duplicated for teaching purposes, use in church newsletters and bulletins, handouts for Sunday school classes, guidance for church building committees, and other educational purposes so long as the copies are distributed at no cost. Please give credit to the author, Barry Waugh, on each of your copies or digital postings. It would also be appreciated if you mentioned the Presbyterians of the Past website, but this is not required. Resources from Presbyterians of the Past are not to be used in any way that involves charging fees for their use or are they to be included in materials for sale.


Barry Waugh has the PhD in Historical and Theological Studies from Westminster Seminary. He can be emailed using the contact form on this page.

The author also has articles posted on Reformation 21, which is the blog of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. The link accesses a list of articles posted on Reformation 21.

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