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B. B. Warfield Scrapbooks

While doing some research unrelated to B.B. Warfield some years ago, I ran across a collection of his scrapbooks. I exhausted the material I was examining on the Puritans and wanted to spend the few hours left before the Princeton Seminary archives closed looking into another subject, so I went through most of Warfield’s scrapbook collection. Unfortunately, the scrapbooks date to an era when paper was highly acidic, so the pages had deteriorated considerably but photographs and postcards were in fairly good shape. The newspaper clippings had gone the way of all newsprint, brittle and yellow. I found the collection engaging and it reveals another aspect of Warfield’s varied interests while betraying his yen to visit other places. Warfield and his wife Annie were limited in their travels because of her health, so the scrapbooks could have been compiled as the couple sat in the parlor in the evenings with gas or Edison lights aglow in their home on the seminary campus. Unfortunately, looking back on my notes, I did not always write down the sender of the postcards, but this may be because they were unused—I do not remember. The list is provided here with the hope some might find the information useful for their Warfield studies.

There is confusion about the individual book numbers of the collection because of an incomplete listing in the archive catalog and due to some missing or cryptic numbers on the scrapbooks. I do not remember if books 1 and 2 do not exist or I just ran out of time and could not examine them. I did not look at the books sequentially and the date of my viewing of the collection is not remembered. The photo of Warfield is from the PCA Historical Center as from The Presbyterian Guardian, 1979.

Barry Waugh

Scrapbook 3 or 4 is burgundy colored with “Newspaper Clippings” written diagonally across the front. 7 ½ x 9 ½.

This book contains mostly clippings of articles written by Dr. Warfield but there are also clippings written by others about Warfield. There is also some family genealogy material.

Scrapbook 5 is black with leather covered spine and board corners. Gold writing on the front says, “The Indexical Scrap Book,” which Warfield titled, “Short Horn Culture.” 9 x 12 ¼.

A collection from newspapers and trade publications dedicated to short horn cattle fill this tattered volume. Several of the articles are by William Warfield who was B. B. Warfield’s father. William was a pioneer in the breeding of short-horn cattle and his son continued to have interest in the breed. He had a picture of a short-horn steer hanging in his office in his Hodge House home.

Scrapbook 6 is covered with black, cloth-like material and written in gold on the front is simply, “Post Cards.” 8 x 11.

These cards are postmarked 1906-1908. Scenes depicted in the images include: Los Angeles; China; Monterey, Mexico; Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Santa Barbara, California; a view of Mount Fuji in Japan was sent to Warfield by E. Mizokuchi; Michigan; Holland; Montreal, Quebec, and London, Ontario; one postmarked 1907 from Granada, Spain, to Mrs. Warfield, but the sender’s name is illegible; St. Andrews, Scotland; Paris; Kobe, Japan; New York; Philadelphia; Princeton; Hartford, Connecticut; a card postmarked Aug. 26, 1910 to Mrs. Warfield from Edinburgh shows John Knox’s house and is signed “H. H. S.”; there are many selections from Kentucky (Warfield’s family home) and Montrose, Pennsylvania; one postmarked Dec. 21, 1906 is from C. E. Edwards to the Warfields [see note at end of this post]; a picture of Peoria, Illinois; Alaska; Independent Presbyterian Church, Savannah; a card postmarked Oct 16, 1908 to the Warfields from Johanna O’Neill with an image of the Brooklyn City Hall; Atlantic City; New Theological Seminary in Stellenbosch, South Africa; one postmarked July 5, 1909 to B. B. Warfield, the sender’s name is illegible but pictured on the card is “Samuel Rutherford’s Stone” in Divinity Corner St. Andrews Cathedral; St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh; Fort Smith, Arkansas; a card from Albuquerque, New Mexico, dated April 21, 1910, to the Warfields from C. D. Kinkead (Warfield’s wife’s maiden name was Kinkead); Geneva, a picture of the Museum of the Reformation showing the auditorium where Calvin presented his lectures.

Scrapbook 7 is brown, with “Postal Souvenirs” printed on the front in gold. 9 x 11. photographic scenes of Princeton; California; New York; Rhode Island; Washington, DC; Egypt. Note that this is insufficiently detailed because the archives were closing and I had to leave.

Scrapbook 8 is brown with “Postal Souvenirs” printed on front in gold. 9 x 11.

Scattered upon the pages are images of Arizona; Pretoria, South Africa; “Gifford” with no further location information; Montrose, Pennsylvania; La Cote d’Azur (French Riviera); Edinburgh; Quebec; Portsmouth, New Hampshire; Kennywood Amusement park in Pittsburgh and other scenes in the city; Sorrento, Italy; Windermere, a lake in England; Czechoslovakia; Stockbridge, Massachusetts; Oklahoma; Lincoln University, Pennsylvania; Lancaster, Pennsylvania; one dated June 26, 1912, sent to B. B. Warfield from J. C. Stout who was in the Wartburg and the picture shows Luther’s study; Rome and other Italy scenes; Egypt; Geneva–several; Italy–several; Rio de Janeiro; Madras; Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Scrapbook 9 is dark green with a white embossed front that says, “Post Card Album” and flower design at each of the four front corners. 6 ½ x 9 ¼. It has a note by someone in the library inside the front cover commenting that “the album was not cataloged in the 1920’s.”

The scrapbook arranges postcards from Europe including Spain and Gibraltar; Italy–Sorrento, Pompeii, Rome, a Pope (possibly Pius X), San Marco, and Venice; Switzerland–Interlaken, Die Jungfrau (4166 meters), Chamonix et le Mont-Blanc, and Luzern; France–Waterloo, Versailles, Paris–Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Dome des Invalides, and Rue Royale et la Madeleine; England–Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly, Parliament, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor Castle, Eton College, Kensington Gardens, Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare’s house; Oxford–Merton College and its chapel, New College, Trinity College, Christ Church Cathedral, Balliol College, Queen’s College, Pembroke College, College, All Soul’s College, and Exeter College Chapel.

Note, reader of this site, Nancy Mehne, sent the following regarding the identity of C. E. Edwards—“C. E. Edwards was my Great Uncle Charlie.  Charles Eugene and his brother, Chauncey Theodore Edwards were both students of B.B. Warfield at Western Theological Seminary. Together, they transferred to Princeton Theological Seminary for their last year in September, 1883.  Charlie was Presbyterian ‘Evangelist, Princeton, NJ, 1906’. He was sending the postcard to the Warfields while visiting his sister, Effie, and her husband, Presbyterian Elder Dr. Samuel O. Loughridge in Peoria, IL. Most likely he was there for the Christmas Holiday. My father once told me that our family had been friends of B. B. Warfield. I assumed it was through their shared Kentucky roots and Western Seminary connections.”

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