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Category - B. B. Warfield

B. B. (Benjamin Breckinridge) Warfield (1851-1921), was born in Kentucky and was Professor of New Testament in Western Theological Seminary, 1879-1887, and then Professor of Didactic and Polemic theology in Princeton Seminary, 1887-1921. Included in this category are biographies of Warfield and his family as well as reviews by him and articles about him.

Reformed Forum has graciously posted for download my “A Table of B. B. Warfield’s Book Reviews in The Presbyterian and Reformed Review and its Predecessors.” Click HERE if you would like to access a brief description of the table before downloading the PDF through the link given there.

The article, “Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield: One Hundred Years Later,” was posted on Westminster Magazine September 15, 2021. It can be accessed HERE.

Barry Waugh