Month: March 2016

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Over the course of the three centuries of American church history there have been many controversies, practices, curiosities, divisions, and struggles. The subject of this article is a practice that was quite common in many churches, but given the clear instruction of Scripture against it, one has to wonder how it continued to be used for […]

According to the calendar, Sunday, March 27, 2016, will be the day dedicated by Christians to remembering the resurrection of Jesus. The sermon in this post on Presbyterians of the Past by Rev. Henry Kollock, DD, is titled, “Resurrection of Christ.” He chose an interesting passage not from the gospels or First Corinthians 15 for his […]

Is it a scowl of anger or grimace of pain that is on the face of Stuart Robinson? His appearance may very well be due to pain. When he was an infant, his nurse was tossing him in the air, as adults often do, and watching him giggle, as babies will do, but then she […]

There must be some difficult situations and decisions to be made when a minister of the church is employed by the government to be a chaplain. Such a calling would be similar to serving in a state church because the responsibilities of church and state become entangled. History bears witness to the fact that monarchs […]