Month: February 2016

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The way God is to be worshipped has been historically and continues to be a subject of debate among Christians. The Israelites worshipped the golden calf as a representation of God while Moses was speaking with him; Aaron’s sons, Nadab and Abihu, were incinerated for offering “strange fire,” that is, improper worship; and in the […]

Mosquitoes and Missionaries

February 18th, 2016, at 4:08 pm

J. R. McNeill, Mosquito Empires: Ecology and War in the Greater Caribbean, 1620-1914, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010, 371 pages, paperback, bibliography. Mosquito Empires looks to be totally irrelevant to anything related to Presbyterian and Reformed or any church history at all. The author, J. R. McNeill, is University Professor in the History Department and […]

While wandering inside a used book store several years ago, an endeavor that is increasingly becoming more difficult due to their closing left and right, I ran across a book regarding a past Presbyterian that I had not seen nor heard of before. It was one of those eureka moments when one believes the foxed and […]

Seminary education in the nineteenth century was challenging, especially as it was developed and standardized at the Presbyterian Church’s first seminary started in 1812 in Princeton, New Jersey. The curriculum included the biblical languages of Greek and Hebrew, English Bible, textual analysis of the Bible and its interpretation, Bible history, didactic (i.e. systematic) theology, church […]