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Bibliography, Jacob J. Janeway, 1774-1858

I would normally have posted the biography of Janeway with his works listed, but the bibliography took on a life of its own as the titles added up. So, you can look for the biography in a future post. Several of his publications are held by the American Antiquarian Society but in most cases the following items were viewed on Internet Archive, with some on Hathi Trust. I do not have access to American Imprints but according to WorldCat some publications are available there. Each year the PCUSA General Assembly adopted a document titled along the lines of A Narrative of the State of Religion within the Bounds of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church; Janeway is credited with these reports for the years 1807, 1810, 1813, 1814, 1815, 1816. However, a committee was appointed at each Assembly to compose the Narrative, so he must have been one member on the committee, or it was known that he edited the final document. In some cases, the Narrative included the names of the Congregational Associations of New England in the years after the Plan of Union. The bibliography is in chronological order. A college or seminary student might find a topic from those addressed by Dr. Janeway for a class paper, or possibly a thesis or dissertation could be written. He was popular in his day and some of his titles are intriguing.

Barry Waugh

1810, A Letter from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, to the Churches under Their Care; Accompanied with a Plan Adopted by the Assembly for the Establishment of a Theological School, Intended to Increase the Piety and Learning, of Candidates for the Holy Ministry, as Well as to Procure a Larger Supply of Ministers for the Wants of the Churches, Philadelphia: Printed by Jane Aitken, no. 71, North Third Street, 10 pages; this item is concerned with the establishment of what became Princeton Theological Seminary.

1811, The Plan of a Theological Seminary Adopted by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America: in their Sessions of May last, A.D. 1811; together with the Measures Taken by them to Carry the Plan into Effect, Philadelphia: Printed by Jane Aitken, no. 71, North Third Street, 26 pages.

1812, The Blessedness of the Charitable: A Sermon Preached at the Request of the Female Hospitable Society of Philadelphia, in the Third Presbyterian Church, on Lord’s Day Evening, December 22, 1811, Philadelphia: Printed for the Female Hospitable Society by James Maxwell, 31 pages.

1812, June, Letters Explaining the Abrahamic Covenant, with a View to Establish, on this Broad and Ancient Basis, the Divine Right of Infant Baptism; and the Question Relative to the Mode of Administering the Christian Ordinance: Addressed to the Members of Second Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, By Jacob J. Janeway, Junior Pastor of Said Church. Philadelphia: Printed for the author by J. Maxwell, 302 pages.

[1816], At a Meeting of “The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America,” Held in the City of Philadelphia, A.D. 1816: The Following Minute was Made, [Philadelphia], 1 sheet, 2 sides.

1816, Address of the Board of Missions Acting under the Authority of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States [of America] on the Subject of Auxiliary Missionary Societies and Missionary Associations, to the Churches, Philadelphia: Printed by J. W. Scott, no. 36 North Sixth Street, Dec. 16 pages.

1819, An Essay on the Inability of Sinners: From the Evangelical Guardian and Review for February and March 1818, Printed at New York, by a Presbyterian, Philadelphia: Published by J.W. Scott, no. 36, North Sixth Street, 24 pages.

1819, Review of a Pamphlet entitled Moral Agency, or, Natural Ability Consistent with Moral Inability; being Remarks on “An Essay on the Inability of Sinners, by a Presbyterian;” by a Christian, by a Presbyterian, Philadelphia: Printed for the Author. A. Waldie, Printer, 50 pages.

1820, A Digest, Compiled from the Records of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, and from the Records of the Late Synod of New York and Philadelphia, of the Acts and Proceedings, that Appear to be of Permanent Authority and Interest, Together with a Short Account of the Missions Conducted by the Presbyterian Church. By Order of the General Assembly. Philadelphia: Printed for the Trustees of the Assembly, 402 pages; Janeway was a member of the committee with Ezra Stiles Ely and William Neill, but the copy referred to for this entry is in the Princeton Seminary Collection on Internet Archive, so it is likely Janeway was the general editor.

1824, Address of a Committee of the Board of Education under the Care of the General Assembly, to the Members of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, Philadelphia: Printed by J.W. Allen, no. 26, Strawberry Street, 16 pages.

1827, Letters on the Atonement: in which A Contrast is Instituted between the Doctrine of the Old and of the New School; or between the Definite and Indefinite Scheme, on this Important Subject. Addressed to a Brother in the Ministry, Philadelphia: Published by A. Finley, 258 pages. The book begins with the questions each of which is answered in catechetical style—”Who were the Romans,” “What was Rome at the time in which this Epistle was written,” “By whom was this Epistle written,” etc. A clever idea in our current era of limited Bible knowledge by Christians.

1828, Duties and Responsibilities of the Professional Office in Theological Seminaries: A Sermon Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church of Pittsburgh, October 16, 1828, at the Inauguration of the Rev. Jacob J. Janeway, D.D., as Professor of Theology in the Western Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church in the United States. By Elisha P. Swift, Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh; To Which is Added the Charge to the Professor, by Rev. Dr. Brown, and Dr. Janeway’s Inaugural Address, Pittsburgh: Printed by Johnston and Stockton, 71 pages.

1829, July, Papers Read before The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, on Resigning his Office as Professor of Theology in the Western Theological Seminary. With a Few Notes, since Appended, Philadelphia: Printed by Clark & Raser, 34 pages.

1829, A Sermon by Jacob J. Janeway, D.D. and a Charge, by the Rev. I. Gray, A.M., of Easton, Pa. Delivered at the Ordination of Nicholas Murray, A.M., to the Gospel Ministry, and His Installation as Pastor of the United Churches of Wilkesbarre and Kingston, on the Fourth of November, 1829; Published by Request, Philadelphia: Printed by Clark & Raser, 33 Carter’s Alley, 32 pages.

[1830], The Reviewers Reviewed; or Remarks on a Review of Dr. Janeway’s Sermon in the Protestant Episcopalian and Church Register, 10 pages; regarding presbyterian and episcopal polities.

1833, The Fall of Man and Its Effects, Philadelphia: Printed and Published by Russell and Martien, no. 22 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, 1832, appears to be a pamphlet. The discourse is reprinted in The Spruce Street Lectures, Delivered by Several Clergymen, During the Autumn and Winter of 1831-32, to Which is Added A Lecture on the Importance of Creeds and Confessions: with an Appendix, by Samuel Miller, D.D., Philadelphia: Russell and Martien, 9 George Street; notice that both forms of the lecture were published by the same printer but at two different addresses in Philadelphia.

1833, The Acts and Proceedings of the General Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church in North America, at Schenectady, June 1833, New York: Printed for General Synod, Lewis Nichols, printer, 104 Beekman Street, on pages 156-239 of a collective volume of minutes designated “Vol. IV”.

1836, Duty of the Presbyterian Church: A Discourse Delivered before the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church, in the United States of America, on the Opening of their Sessions in 1819, New Brunswick: Printed by Terhune & Letson, 39 pages; this is likely his moderator’s sermon, but no reason is given for the late publication date.

1837, The Scriptural Doctrine of the Atonement Illustrated and Defended, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Tract and Sunday School Society, 23 pages.

1838, An Exposition of a Portion of the Epistle to the Romans, in the Form of Questions and Answers Designed for Sabbath School and Bible Classes, New York: Robert Carter, 152 pages.

1840, The Christian Education of Children and Youth, with Samuel Miller, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 80 pages.

1840, A Historical Discourse Prepared for the Sabbath and Delivered on that Day at the Request of the Session of the Presbyterian Church in New Brunswick and Published at the Request of the Trustees of the Congregation, New Brunswick: John Terhune’s Press, 28 pages.

1842, An Exposition of the Epistle of Hebrews: in the Form of Questions and Answers, Designed for Sabbath School and Bible Classes, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 144 pages.

1844, Unlawful Marriage: An Answer to “The Puritan” and “Omicron” who have Advocated, in a Pamphlet, the Lawfulness of the Marriage of a Man with his Deceased Wife’s Sister, New York: Robert Carter, 224 pages; these marriages reoccurred among Presbyterians until well after the Civil War.

[1845?], Report to the Synod of New Jersey on the Subject of Parochial Schools, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 28 pages.

1845, The Internal Evidence of the Holy Bible or The Bible Proved from Its Own Pages to be A Divine Revelation, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 300 pages.

1846 & 1847, An Exposition of the Acts of the Apostles in the form of Questions and Answers: Designed for Bible Classes, Associations, and Country Congregations, Part 1. Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication; reviewed in The Biblical Repertory and Princeton Review 19:1, January 1847. The Kentucky Historical Society appears to be the only institution holding both volumes with the second published in 1847.

1848, The Communicant’s Manual: or a Series of Meditations designed to Assist Communicants in Making Preparation for the Holy Supper, Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Education, 228 pages; this title is available in hardcopy from Log College Press.

1852, A Family Piece; or, A memoir of Mrs. Martha Gray Janeway, by Her Husband, New York: Printed, but not Published by Robert Carter and Brothers, 218 pages.

[1852], A Contrast between the Erroneous Assertions of Professor Schaf [Schaff] and the Testimony of Creditable Ecclesiastical Historians in Regard to the State of the Christian Church in the Middle Ages, New Brunswick: Press of J. Terhune & Son, 37 pages.

1853, Hope for the Jews: or, The Jews Will be Converted to the Christian Faith; and Settled and Reorganized as a Nation, in the Land of Palestine, New Brunswick: Press of Terhune and Son, 256 pages.

1853, A Brief Memoir of the Life and Character, Religious Views, and Death-bed Scene of John Syng Dorsey, M.D., Professor of Anatomy in the University of Pennsylvania, New Brunswick: J. Terhune and Son, 39 pages; portrait of Dorsey included.

1854, Antidote to the Poison Popery in the Publications of Professor Schaff: First in His Essay and then in His History, New Brunswick: Press of J. Terhune and Son, 50 pages.

1856, Hope for My Country: Showing the Divinity of Jesus Christ and His Care over His Church as Exhibited in the Past History of Our Country: In Two Parts, New Brunswick: Press of J. Terhune, 64 pages; it is not clear if this is the first of two parts or the two parts are within the pamphlet.

1856, Antidote to the Poison of Popery in the Writings and Conduct of Professors Nevin & Schaff, Professors in the German Reformed Church in the U. S. of America, New Brunswick: J. Terhune, 335 pages.

1861, Janeway’s son, Thomas L. Janeway, published a biography of his father titled, Memoir of the Rev. Jacob J. Janeway, D.D., Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication, 322 pages.

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