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Centennial, World War 1

Centennial, World War 1

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Last year, 2017, marked the centennial of United States military involvement in the First World War, or as it was known then, The Great War. Presbyterian President Woodrow Wilson addressed a joint session of Congress on April 2, 1917 asking for a declaration of war which was granted on April 6. Among the personnel going overseas were chaplains from many denominations including a representative amount from Presbyterian and Reformed churches. Along with the work of the chaplains were several supporting organizations such as Roman Catholicism’s Knights of Columbus, interdenominational entities such as the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), and medical or humanitarian charities such as the Red Cross. Due to the enlistment for military chaplain positions having filled rapidly there were many ministers serving in the supplementary organizations. Over the course of 2018 there will be occasional posts regarding subjects associated with the war such as chaplain biographies, J. G. Machen’s war experience based on Letters from the Front: J. Gresham Machen’s Correspondence from World War I, and other primary and secondary publications related to Christianity and the war.

“J. Gresham Machen, France 1918,” Part 5, The War is Over, posted November 11, 2018

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“Lieut Joseph Volney Wilson, 1895-1918,” posted, July 23-2018

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“Over There, Presbyterians in the First World War,” posted April 11, 2017

“Centennial U. S. Entry World War I, Chap. T. M. Bulla, 1881-1918,” posted April 3, 2017



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