Month: May 2016

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As resources are added to the Internet daily, more and more publications, manuscripts, judicatory minutes, images, and other materials relevant to Presbyterian and Reformed history and theology are becoming available. Those who are interested in Presbyterians of the past have a considerable amount of material readily accessible via their fingertips dancing across the keys at […]

From the earliest days of the Presbyterian Church in Colonial America there was evangelistic work by ministers among their American Indian neighbors. Through the formation of Philadelphia Presbytery, 1706, then the organization of presbyteries into the Synod of Philadelphia, 1716, and finally the consolidation of synods into the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United […]

The last article posted on Presbyterians of the Past was a biography of A. A. Hodge (1823-1886). This post provides a PDF of his pamphlet, Presbyterian Doctrine Briefly Stated, published by the Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath School Work, Philadelphia, 1869. Dr. Hodge states at the beginning of his pamphlet that he composed it […]

Archibald Alexander was born on July 18, 1823 to Charles and Sarah Bache Hodge in a frame house at the corner of Witherspoon and Main (Nassau Street) across from the Princeton College campus. He was named for Charles’s mentor, colleague, friend, and Princeton Seminary’s first professor, Archibald Alexander. A brick house was built by the […]