Month: April 2016

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Flournoy was born to Joel Alexander and Lucetta Cheatham Shepperson in Columbus, Arkansas, January 10, 1883.  His education included a Bachelor of Arts from Arkansas College after which he completed his ministerial studies in Union Theological Seminary in Virginia.  The seminary at the time included in its faculty, G. B. Strickler, T. C. Johnson, W. […]

The transcription that follows is the text of a paper originally delivered by Stuart Robinson to the First General Presbyterian Council, which convened in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 1877. Robinson had represented the United States churches in the committee that organized the council. Once the council convened, he was the chairman, i.e. moderator, of the morning […]

The entrance doors of churches are utilitarian devices that provide privacy and security while allowing passage from the outside of the building to the inside and vice-versa. They can be made of wood, fiberglass, steel, glass, or another material. A door swings on some type of hinge mechanism and when shut it has a catch or […]

Student Woes of J. W. Alexander

April 1st, 2016, at 1:17 pm

Having passed the annual event known as “spring break” in the world of education, the challenges on the academic calendar that will soon come to pass require burning the midnight oil, but more likely in this day is consuming off-peak watts of electricity. Students have had their rest to prepare for the end of their […]