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Shushan Wright, died 1890

May 28th, 2015, at 12:01 am

A problem faced when writing about Presbyterian personalities  of the past is locating information about women in the church.  For example, Alfred Nevin’s, Encyclopedia of the Presbyterian  Church in the United States of America, 1884, has over twenty-one-hundred biographical entries, six of which are about women. Not only are there few entries for women, but […]

…from Reformed Forum to its own site where Barry Waugh is continuing his biographical series and venturing into other subjects. The forty biographies on Reformed Forum were jumbled a bit when they were copied to this new site, so the author requests readers to be patient as he restores them to their original appearances and […]

William Anderson Scott was born to parents of Scotch-Irish descent, Eli and Martha Anderson Scott, January 30, 1813, at Rock Creek in Bedford County, Tennessee. The Scotts found frontier Tennessee a challenging place to live, so after moving to Illinois for a two-year residence with similar difficulties, Eli moved his family back to the South […]

One of the difficulties faced when writing biographies about church personalities from the past is locating information about the membership and service of those who were not ministers. Sources regarding ministers are fairly common; sources for those workers and officers seated in the pews often are not. There are exceptions regarding some in the history […]